It’s true to say that there has been a dramatic shift in the way we shop today, moving away from bricks and towards clicks. Such a move has led to considerable opportunities for you, the online merchant and it is fair to say too, for cybercriminals, who are constantly searching for areas to exploit. We have moved from primarily cash transactions over the years to card payments. This is why it is imperative to offer a secure payment for your customers.

Cybercrime attacks are not limited to any particular industry or sized business, we have seen large scale attacks in the past on companies such as Yahoo, Sony and Adobe.

The online sales process is very different from your point of view and that of your customer. Generally, from a customer’s perspective, once the goods/products are selected, they are looking for a seamless, speedy payment process and the goods to follow. It is your responsibility to ensure a secure payment facility where all data remains secure and you minimise the risk to it from threats.

The human element of security remains the cornerstones when it comes to protecting your organization against any weak spots. Your organization’s ever-expanding digital footprint and supply chains are also factors adding to this risk, which cybercriminals are aware of and willing to exploit.

How to increase your online payment security

Remaining one step ahead of cybercriminals and online fraudsters is a never-ending task if you would like your digital footprint to continue, or indeed expand. Below we will look at ways to increase your online payment security.

  • PCI Compliance

    PCI is certainly a must when processing card payments online to ensure a secure payment is provided. PCI is the Payment Card Data Industry Security Standard, this provides information and guidelines that help advise merchants what they need to do in order to secure sensitive data in payment processing.

  • SSL

    Consumer confidence and trust in your website is much higher when the SSL (secure socket layer) certificate is visible. A data encryption method used to increase the security of your website. The data provided by the customer to the site is secured without delay. Something the customer can see when a padlock or green address bar is displayed allowing them to proceed with the most secure payment method available.

  • 3D Secure

    Aimed at reducing the risk of online fraud for credit/debit card transactions and ensuring a secure payment process for your customers. 3D Secure requires your customer to create a password for the debit/credit card they are using to complete their purchase. Each transaction will ask the customer for their secure password to be entered.

  • Fraud Protection

    Protecting you from online payment security issues, a tool used is transaction scanning. Each transaction is checked, this allows you the opportunity to act and block any suspicious or fraudulent payments. Data entered on your websites such as the email address, device ID and IP address can be all be screened in order to protect your business from cybercriminals.

  • Risk Management

    Having identified potential online payment security issues above, it’s also important to acknowledge the role your customer can play. They can ensure the safety of their data and that a secure online payment transaction is completed by being aware of possible threats online. 

How to choose the most secure payment system

Choosing a secure payment system is imperative to your business. Your customers must feel safe and secure when their transaction is being processed. Not only must your customers feel safe but your business should also feel that they have done their utmost to provide a safe environment for their customers.

If you are looking for a company that will manage every transaction in a secure and encrypted way you should check out LumiPay. 

By using LumiPay you can avail of their PCI-DSS level 1, this is the highest level of security status from the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

LumiPay is a company that provide ongoing risk analysis reports to ensure payments they receive on your behalf are always safe and secure. With the level of risk management LumiPay offer, they can easily detect and eliminate fraudulent transactions. 

A speciality of LumiPay is their payment gateway is equipped with FPS (Fraud Protection Suite). The FPS has several elements designed to identify and stop potentially fraudulent transactions. Every transaction is screened which will give you the power to block transactions for various reasons, for example, device ID, email and IP address. 

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