A payment gateway is what businesses use to accept payments from customers. This technology allows businesses to sell their products and services to customers globally.

The Covid-19 Pandemic led to consumers worldwide opt to do most of their shopping online. Now more than ever, we are seeing the importance for businesses to have an online presence to enable them to trade with their customers.

This article will look at the different types of payment gateways available and some factors to consider when deciding on, what the best payment solution is for your business.

  • Customer-friendly

    Does the payment gateway selected offer ease of use for your customer? Does it run smoothly, without issue?  A complicated and unreliable payment system can frustrate customers and lead to abandoned sales, which can cost you money and repeat customs.

  • Customer Trust

    Customers will not share their personal credit card details with you if they do not feel they are secure. By choosing a payment gateway that accepts various types of payment methods and security features, this can build customer trust.

  • Input

    How much input as a business would you like over the payment experience for your customers?

  • Cost

    What are the fees involved when using a payment gateway company? Companies can charge a transaction fee, set up fee or a monthly subscription fee. Comparing payment processing providers can save you some money and is useful for finding the best solution for you.

What is a Hosted Payment Gateway?

A hosted payment gateway is when a customer selects the checkout page on a merchant’s site and is then redirected to the payment service providers page.

The customer is requested to enter their personal payment details, following the payment, the customer is then returned to your website to complete the transaction.

As hosted payment gateways are a popular option for businesses, customers are familiar with the process.

Security on hosted payment gateways is looked after by the service provider and ensures the business is PCI (Payment card industry) compliant.

Other Payment Gateway options

Integrated Payment Gateway

An integrated payment gateway, allows your customers to complete their payment transaction without leaving your page. This offers the business more control over the checkout process and customer experience.

API Hosted Payment Gateway

API hosted payment gateways are similar to, integrated payment gateways, as the customer completes their payment without leaving the businesses site. However, each payment is completed using an Application Programming Interface. In direct contrast to a hosted payment gateway, the merchant is responsible for the security of all transactional data and their own PCI compliance.


It is essential to select the right gateway for your business, be it a hosted payment gateway or an integrated payment gateway for online payments. Lumipay is one of the leading payment gateway providers in Ireland and can help you to select the right option for your businesses needs with outstanding support and attention to detail.