Trust is vital in any relationship. This is especially true in the online marketplace where it can be the deciding factor between a sale or an abandoned cart.

It is essential that you as a business can build trust with potential customers in order to complete a sale and create a loyal lifelong customer.

Like you, a customer will only commit to a purchase if they trust that the product or service is legitimate and that their payment details are secure during the transaction.

In brick and mortar stores this trust is easily created due to the physical presence of the goods and the payment transaction. The online world is a completely different experience and as such you must take unique yet necessary steps to create that trust.

Customers demand a safe and secure payment process and without it, you risk losing them at the checkout. In fact, 68% of all online shopping carts are abandoned. One significant reason for this is your customer’s concern that their card details may be stolen.

How LumiPay Secures Payments

To garner trust and grow customer loyalty you must show that your online store has a payment gateway with PCI compliance. A quick google search by your customer will assure them that this is the highest level of online security and push them to complete the sale.

LumiPay is a renowned payment gateway service that provides a secure payment path offering complete protection for you and your customer against online theft and fraud.

By choosing LumiPay as your payment gateway provider you can guarantee your customer that they will have a smooth, safe and secure form of payment online.

Card Processing

Here are some of the ways LumiPay secures customer payments online:

  • Level 1 PCI Compliance
  • Advanced Fraud Protection Suite
  • Risk Management

Level 1 PCI Compliance

Our team’s commitment to having a world-class security system led us to receive the highest known accolade which is level 1 PCI compliance.

We manage every transaction in an encrypted and secure environment to ensure every payment is handled safely and quickly – offering peace of mind to you and your customer.

Advanced Fraud Protection Suite

LumiPay specialises in an advanced Fraud Protection Suite (FPS). For businesses selling online, this is an essential plate to have in your online armour.

Our FPS is specifically designed to identify and stop online fraudulent activities. Every transaction is screened by us so you can block any potential bad payment. For example, you may decide to block payments from certain email addresses, countries, IP addresses etc.

Risk Management

LumiPay provides on-going risk analysis reports that ensure your payments are always safe and secure. Our integrated back office management solutions make it easy to review, detect, and eliminate fraudulent transactions.

Paying Using A Credit Card

Benefits of LumiPay

Guaranteeing your customer a safe and secure payment transaction is at the core of what we offer at LumiPay. Here are some more benefits your business will receive by joining the LumiPay community:

  • Dedicated Customer Service
  • Next-Day Payment
  • Low Realistic Pricing
  • Swift Integration Solutions
  • No Rolling Reserve
  • Fraud Protection
  • Perfect For High-Risk Industries
  • Performance Reports
  • Stability To Grow


By choosing LumiPay as your payment gateway provider you guarantee potential customers that when they purchase from you that their card details are safe and secure. Always.

This gives your customer peace of mind and a willingness to share their positive experience with others thereby further increasing potential revenue for your business.

LumiPay is more than just a leading gateway provider but a team of experts who are on hand to answer any question you may have.

Let us handle your security so you can focus on growing your business.