Having an online presence makes good business sense. Within minutes your customer base is transformed from regional to global allowing potential customers to purchase from you anywhere anytime.

It is expected that 17.5% of all retail sales will be online by 2021. This figure is set to be boosted considerably again following the recent global pandemic and the change in consumer habits.

To sell online you will require an e-commerce platform, a payment gateway and a merchant account. An e-commerce platform is essential as it provides you with the tools to start, run, and grow your online business.

Lumipay is a payment gateway that facilitates secure online payments as well as offering a merchant account. It easily integrates with the worlds top e-commerce platforms so your business can accept a wide variety of payments online safely and efficiently.

There are 3 main e-commerce platforms to choose from when setting up your online business and each of them can be easily integrated with Lumipay.


Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms with over 800,000 merchants using it to sell their products and services. Launched in 2014 it now has over $100bn in sales to date.

Shopify allows you to build an online store from scratch or simply add the Shopify platform to your existing site.

There are over 70 (paid and free) themes to choose from and you are in complete control of your website’s navigation, content pages and design.

Shopify even boasts tools that will help you create a business name, buy a domain, and even develop your own unique business brand.

Unfortunately, Shopify can only accept credit and debit payments but by integrating Lumipay with your Shopify store you can dramatically increase the number of secure payment options for your customers with Lumipay’s Shopify payment gateway.

E-Commerce Platforms


WooCommerce is another popular e-commerce platform used by merchants who have a WordPress website.

It can be easily added as a free plugin to your WordPress site to help you sell products and services and can be translated into 24 languages.

WooCommerce allows you to update products and fulfil orders, check inventory, and much more. There are hundreds of free and paid extensions (memberships/ subscriptions etc) to choose from allowing you to add features and functionality to your store.

Lumipay easily integrates with WooCommerce allowing you to accept multiple forms of secure payments from your customers in a safe and speedy manner.


Magento is a leading e-commerce platform brought to you by Adobe. Every year Magento handles over $100b in gross merchandise volume.

Magento allows you to build a customisable intuitive online store with a seamless path to purchase for your customer.

Using Lumipay you open your Magento store to a vast array of secure payment options for your customers. Having flexible payment options is something every business needs today.

Sell to both businesses and consumers on one platform that looks as good on desktop as it does on mobile. Simply drag and drop to create your perfect online store in minutes.

With Magento you can keep track of your inventory, shipping, order management, customer service and more. By integrating with Lumipay you offer your customer a sublime looking site with secure and reliable payment options.

Integrating LumiPay with your eCommerce platform

Lumipay’s skilled team of developers provide same-day integration across a wide range of platforms including Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and more.

Once installed your business can now safely accept payments from traditional and alternative payments worldwide.

LumiPay’s secure payment path offers complete protection against fraud and is PCI compliant holding a PCI – Data Security – Level 1 Compliance certificate.

LumiPay displays an overview of your payment data in real-time. It allows you to monitor your commercial activity and gain a deeper insight into your customers.

Paying Shopping Online

Benefits of Integrating your e-commerce platform with Lumipay

Choosing Lumipay as your payment gateway provider provides an enormity of benefits including:

  • Dedicated Customer Service
  • Secure Next-Day Payments
  • Wide range of Payment Options
  • Perfect for High-Risk Industries
  • Outstanding Rates
  • Fraud Protection
  • Merchant account set up
  • No Rolling Reserve

Dedicated Customer Service

At LumiPay we have a dedicated and hard-working team at the ready to answer any question you may have. You know your business inside out and we know ours.

Secure Next-Day Payments

Having next-day payments ensures you have a strong cash flow to reinvest in your business.

Wide Range of Payment Options

LumiPay has a proven UX design that allows you to accept over 200 payment options including MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Applepay and more.

Perfect for High-Risk Industries

Our expertise in high-risk industries allows you to collect revenue without fail every time

Outstanding Rates

We use a multiple-bank network to give you access to the best rates anywhere.

Fraud Protection

Our seamless payment path and intuitive fraud protection suite protects your business and safeguards against risk.

Merchant Account Set-up

By using LumiPay you kill two birds with one stone. We provide you with a payment gateway AND set you up with a merchant ID so you can trade online. A merchant ID is issued by the acquiring bank who is chosen by LumiPay based on your e-commerce needs.

No Rolling Reserve

Your revenue is your money which is why unlike others, LumiPay will never hold on to yours.