Magento payment gateway is a new e-commerce solution that’s open source and easy to integrate. So, you can easily use the Magento module with the LumiPay payment gateway. Both modules work really well together. You can find out more about the module here;

We recommend seeking the help of Magento experts when installing the Magento payment gateway module. Companies like CodeMakers are reputable Magento experts. They will be able to help you to integrate it with LumiPay. Email to set up an installation. It can take anywhere up to three hours to complete Magento payment gateway information.


  1. Let’s talk about Magento’s Integration with LumiPay. Obviously, the first thing to do is download the Magento module. Using the FTP you must unpack the file so you can upload it to your root folder.
  2. Navigate to System
  3. Then Configuration
  4. Navigate to Sales
  5. From there navigate to Payment methods and activate the module.
  6. Fill in the Agreement Id, the API key found in your API User, and then your Private key.
  7. Then set the settings.

Alternative Installation of Magento

You can also install the module using the composer on GitHub. Although this can be technically complex. We recommend you consult Github instructions to install Magento Payment Gateway. Below, we’ve also made a list of Integration partners who should be able to help you with installation support.

Magento Payment Integration Partners

Our integration partners will be able to help support you with anything you’re finding technically complex about the Magento installation. Although be advised, they may charge fees for their support with the installation.

  • CodeMakers
  • TogiData
  • Løvendahl Kommunikation
  • Youfront
  • Shops der bruger QuickPay og Magento


Although we support these integration partners, it is only limited. Therefore, you should note that you use these modules at your own risk.