Prestashop Payment Gateway Integration is a payment gateway known for being super-efficient and easy to use. This open-source e-commerce solution works really well with the LumiPay payment gateway.  You can visit for more information about this payment system.

PrestaShop Payment Gateway Integration with LumiPay

Let’s take a look at this step-by-step guide to help you integrate Prestashop Payment Gateway Integration and LumiPay. Please download the module from this article before you start the setup process.

  1. First, navigate to settings
  2. Secondly, navigate to the merchant in the LumiPay manager
  3. Choose PrestaShop in the shop system drop-down list. Click “update permissions” when prompted.
  4. Navigate to your PrestaShop backend then go to Modules Choose the add a new module option.
  5. Now you can choose the downloaded file.
  6. Navigate to the module-list and click Install Insert the Merchant ID, then the Private Key and also the API User API Key.
  7. These can be found in the LumiPay Manager.
  8. Then go to Settings
  9. Then go to Integration Through PrestaShop you can choose the payment methods you want to accept.
  10. Saving your settings is the final step.

Branding in PrestaShop

With PrestaShop, you have the ability to use your own branding. This needs to be added through the settings dropdown menu. If you’re unable to find your branding

  • Go to Settings
  • Then in the LumiPay manager find Integration and update the permissions for your API user.

Support From Our Integration Partners

In case your support request is beyond our capabilities you can contact our integration partners. Although you might be charged a technical support fee.

  • SharksMedia
  • Bulldesign ApS

Examples of LumiPay and PrestaShop Integration

Check these shops out, and They are excellent examples of LumiPay and Prestashop Payment Gateway Integration.


Although we support our Integration partner’s modules to some extent, we can only offer limited support. You use these modules at your own risk. However, our integration partners should be able to offer you support for any complex technical problems you may encounter.